New Neil Gaiman book for children features a princess being woken by a kiss from a queen.


The Furies

In Greek mythology the Erinyes (literally “the avengers”) were female chthonic deities of vengeance. They were three netherworld goddesses.  In the Iliad a formulaic oath  invokes them as “those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath”. The Erinyes were birthed at the same time as Aphrodite when the Titan Cronus castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitalia into the sea. The Erinyes emerged from the drops of blood, while Aphrodite was born from the crests of seafoam. According to variant accounts, they emerged from an even more primordial level—from Nyx, “Night”.

Their number is usually left indeterminate, though typically three are named; Alecto (“unnameable”), Megaera (“grudging”), and Tisiphone (“vengeful destruction”).

Typically the Erinyes were avengers of crimes “against the natural order” particularly concerning themselves with homicide, unfilial conduct, crimes against the gods, and perjury.

Tisiphone is the avenger of murder, Megaera is referred to as the jealous one (which typically references her realm of punishing those unfaithful in marriage etc, and Alecto (unceasing in anger)

Megaera is the cause of jealousy and envy, and punishes people who commit crimes, especially marital infidelity.

Alecto is the Erinys with the job of castigating the moral crimes (such as anger), especially if they are against other people.

Tisiphone is the Erinys who punished crimes of murder: parricide, fratricide and homicide. A myth recounts how Tisiphone fell in love with Cithaeron, and caused his death by snakebite, specifically, by one of the snakes from her head.

The wrath of the Erinyes manifested itself in a number of ways. The most severe of these was the tormenting madness inflicted upon a patricide or matricide. Murderers might suffer illness or disease; and a nation harbouring such a criminal, could suffer dearth, and with it hunger and disease. The wrath of the Erinyes could only be placated with the rite ritual purification and the completion of some task assigned for atonement.

The goddesses were also servants of Haides and Persephone in the underworld where they oversaw the torture of criminals consigned to the Dungeons of the Damned. It is typically through hommage to Persephone that curses involving invoking the wrath of the Erinyes are worked.

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Northern Timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) by Rudy Pohl


B E A U T Y - dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Everything I know I learned from the Rocky Horror Picture Show


1. Gay is okay. image

2. Straight is okay. image

3. Crazy is awesome. image

4. Transvestites are fine. image

5. Rock ‘n roll is fantastic. image

6. How to do the time warp. image

7.Balding men can be cool. image

8. Wheelchair-bound doesn’t make you anything less than you are. image

9.Feeling sexy is nothing to be ashamed of. image

10.Dress to express. image

11. Don’t dream it, be it. image

Anonymous asked:
What are the signs of emotional abuse?



Abusive Expectations - Makes impossible demands, requires constant attention, and constantly criticizes.

Aggressing - Name calling, accusing, blames, threatens or gives orders, and often disguised as a judgmental “I know best” or “helping” attitude.

Constant Chaos - Deliberately starts arguments with you or others. May treat you well in front of others, but changes when you’re alone.

Rejecting - Refusing to acknowledge a person’s value, worth or presence. Communicating that he or she is useless or inferior or devaluing his or her thoughts and feelings.

Denying - Denies personal needs (especially when need is greatest) with the intent of causing hurt or as punishment. Uses silent treatment as punishment. Denies certain events happened or things that were said. Denies your perceptions, memory and sanity by disallowing any viewpoints other than their own which causes self-doubt, confusion, and loss of self-esteem.

Degrading - Any behavior that diminishes the identity, worth or dignity of the person such as: name-calling, mocking, teasing, insulting, ridiculing,

Emotional Blackmail - Uses guilt, compassion, or fear to get what he or she wants.

Terrorizing - Inducing intense fear or terror in a person, by threats or coercion.

Invalidation - Attempts to distort your perception of the world by refusing to acknowledge your personal reality. Says that your emotions and perceptions aren’t real and shouldn’t be trusted.

Isolating - Reducing or restricting freedom and normal contact with others.

Corrupting - Convincing a person to accept and engage in illegal activities.

Exploiting - Using a person for advantage or profit.

Minimizing - A less extreme form of denial that trivializes something you’ve expressed as unimportant or inconsequential.

Unpredictable Responses - Gets angry and upset in a situation that would normally not warrant a response. You walk around on eggshells to avoid any unnecessary drama over innocent comments you make. Drastic mood swings and outbursts.

Gaslighting -A form of psychological abuse involving the manipulation of situations or events that cause a person to be confused or to doubt his perceptions and memories. Gaslighting causes victims to constantly second-guess themselves and wonder if they’re losing their minds.

Love, Salem

The last one is a killer and very important.


Two recently cataloged dime novels, both noticeable for their curious emphasis on heads.

Reid, Mayne. (1878). The Headless Horseman: a strange story of Texas. New York: Beadle & Adams.

Reid, Mayne. (1878). The death-shot, or, Tracked to death. New York: Beadle & Adams.




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The Helix Nebula is a large planetary nebula located in the constellation of Aquarius. Sometimes referred to as the “Eye of God”, it is one of the closest planetary nebula to Earth. 

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Frigidaire ad, 1965 (scanned by WeirdVintage, from The Golden Age of Advertising: The 60s by Jim Heimann)

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Witches-Circa 1800s